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PC Services Design Services
Repair Configurarion Emergency Graphics/Web Site Software Network (LAN/Wireless)

We provide repair and design services, on- or off-site, around Lake Chelan, WA, U.S.A.

We can provide:

  • PC installation and repair for all issues (hard driver, RAM, network, crashes, etc.).
  • Internet development and web site design.
  • LAN installation, troubleshooting and repair.
  • Wireless network installation, troubleshooting and repair.

If my instant messenger icons (at the left) are lit up, I'm online, and you may click the icon of the service you use to send me a message for emergency contact or assitance. You may also send an email note using the email form below. Enter your email address if you want a reply, and then briefly outline your issue in the message space, then hit 'Send'. The email goes straight through, and email addresses are not logged or stored by the web site. Once you have sent an email message, you will be contacted very soon.

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